Access your IELTS results online

Your IELTS results online

Learn when and how you will receive your definitive results and your Test Report Form.

Your results and Test Report Form

Computer-delivered IELTS:

If you have taken an IELTS on a computer at our test center, your results will be available in 1 to 5 days after your test.

You will receive an email telling you that your results have been released. You will be able to access your results in your personal IELTS IDP portal and you will be able to download your e-TRF here.
Paper-based IELTS:

If you have taken an IELTS on paper test, your results will be available 13 days after you complete the test.

We will send you an email telling you that your results have been released. You will be able to preview your results online for 28 days but the definitive Test Report Form will be printed on paper by us. You (or somebody you designate) will have to pick up the certificate in person.
Preview your results
You will need to bring the same form of identity you used to register for the test to pick up your TRF. Alternatively, you can ask us to mail it to your home.
Test centres are not permitted to give results out over the phone or by scan or email.
You will receive only one paper copy of the Test Report Form. It’s important that you keep it safe as replacement Test Report Forms cannot be issued.
Test centres will send copies of your Test Report Form to up to five organisations free of charge.
Organisations will not usually accept a Test Report Form that is more than two years old unless you provide evidence that you have actively maintained or tried to improve your English since taking the test. The IELTS Test Partners cannot confirm the validity of test results that are more than two years old.

Not the results you were hoping for?

There are no restrictions on re-taking IELTS.

You can register for a test as soon as you feel you are ready to do so.

Please note that your score is unlikely to increase unless you make a significant effort to improve your English before re-taking the test.

If you feel confident that you have done better than your score shows, you can apply for a re-mark (Enquiry on Results) by contacting us at

If you apply for an Enquiry on Results, your test will be remarked by a senior IELTS examiner who will not know your original band scores for each part of the test. If there are any changes to your original band scores, the test centre will issue a new Test Report Form (TRF).

You can request a remark within 6 weeks of the IELTS test date that appears on your Test Report Form. You can request a remark for the whole IELTS test or for one or more parts (Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking). Your reviewed results will be available within 2 to 21 days of applying for a remark.

There is a cost of €125 for requesting a remark. If your band scores change, this fee will be refunded.

With IELTS One Skill Retake, you have the option to re-take any one section of the test (Listening, Reading, Writing, or Speaking) if you need to improve in just one area. We know most test takers get the scores they need the first time, but if you feel you haven’t performed to your best in all areas, IELTS One Skill Retake can help you get back on track.

It is available for both Academic and General Training IELTS tests.

If you decide to take IELTS One Skill Retake, you may like to spend some time to revisit your preparation programme. Improving your language ability is hard, but our team is here to support and advise you. Contact us at


  • At present, IELTS One Skill Retake is only available on computer

  • You can only complete One Skill Retake once per full IELTS test.

  • You can take up to 60 days between your original test and your IELTS One Skill Retake.

  • You will receive your results within 3-5 days. 

  • You will receive a new IELTS test report form, that includes your new One Skill Retake result. This Test Report Form will be dated the same as your original IELTS academic test. 

  • The original Test Report Form will continue to exist alongside your new One Skill Retake score, and both are valid. 

  • If you want to submit an Enquiry On Results (EOR) against your original full IELTS test, you must do so within two weeks of the date of the original full IELTS test date for Listening, Reading and Writing, and wait until you receive your remark status before registering for a One Skills Retake against the same full IELTS test. 

  • Please read the IELTS One Skill Retake Terms and Conditions and the Cancellation policy here.

  • Remember to always check with the organisation you intend to apply for eligibility requirements for IELTS One Skill Retake. You can find out who accepts IELTS One Skill Retake here.


How to register?

You can apply for a OSR test from your personal IELTS IDP portal. At Certify Education & Assessment we are offering One Skill Retake tests almost every Friday.

The cost for taking the One Skill Retake test is €157

‍Contact us at if you need anything clarified. We’ll be happy to help.